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January 2, 2014

Claims at the end:

Corollary 3.14. The representation category Rep(D(G)) of the quantum double D(G) of a finite group G is a modular tensor category


Lie theory of finite simple groups and the Roth property, Majid&K – study adjoint representation of finite

Zalesski&K study of adjoint representation and claim that for almost all simple finite groups it contains all.


J. Fuchs&K  Description of double of finite group in section 2.

The Representation Ring of the Quantum Double of a Finite Group
S.J. Witherspoon

In particular cites some Maschke theorem for Hopf algebras

S.J. Witherspoon PhD thesis 1994 on reps of quantum double

Drinfeld Doubles for Finite Subgroups
of SU(2) and SU(3) Lie Groups
Robert COQUEREAUX yz and Jean-Bernard ZUBER




Uncertainty , non-abelian FT

Uncertainty Principles for Compact Groups

Gorjan Alagic, Alexander Russell


Readings in Fourier Analysis on Finite
Non-Abelian Groups

Diaconis, P. (1991). “Finite Fourier Methods: Access to Tools.”  PERSI DIACONIS

the donoho – stark uncertainty principle for a finite abelian group

автор: E Matusiak – ‎Цитируется: 13 – ‎Похожие статьи

A simple proof of the Uncertainty Principle for compact groups

The uniform uncertainty
principle and compressed



Some things we’ve learned
(about Markov chain Monte Carlo)


390 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305-4065, USA. E-mail:
This paper offers a personal review of some things we’ve learned about rates of convergence of
Markov chains to their stationary distributions. The main topic is ways of speeding up diffusive
behavior. It also points to open problems and how much more there is to do.


Abelian FT, Hausdorf-Young inequality


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